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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Toddler Pillow & Fun Pillowcases

So as a WAHM that makes fun, homemade items for a living, most people think my daughter gets new creations everyday.  The sad truth, I'm so busy making things for all my great customers that I rarely have time to make anything for my daughter.  And my husband's requests...yeah right?!  Poor guy =/

But now that she is getting older and can ask for special things, I'm forcing myself to carve out time to craft with her and for her.  It sounds terrible I know, but with paying customers I don't want anyone to wait longer than they have to.  But at the same time, I'm so busy at this point in my business there is never a day when I don't have something to make for someone.  So Mommy/Daughter Craft Day will be making its way into the schedule. 

I've made her a few things over her 2.5 years.  Before even starting my at home business, I made her a knit squares baby blanket before she was born.  She still sleeps with it today, and looking back at it I've come a long way  I also made her a few knit hats, diaper covers, & wool mittens.  But as my work load has increased, and I'm so thankful for the business, my free time has decreased & I put more and more projects for her off to the side. 

She recently saw me working on a custom "Look-A-Like" baby doll and asked for one, so to practice I created one for her as well.

I also made her a surprise blanket with her name on it for her birthday.  She "helped" me pick out great finds from the remnant bin at JoAnn's & I used one of her favorite finds to create a squishy double-sided blanket for her and hand-stitched her name onto one corner in felt letters.  I need to get some pictures of it!  She loves this blanket and sleeps with it underneath the first tiny blanket I knit for her.  She calls her tiny one her towel ;)

Now that she is using the covers so well, she decided she wanted to try a pillow.  So that brings me to the title of this post.  I didn't want to buy her a large adult pillow because she is tiny and so is her bed. So I decided that I could make her the perfect size pillow and create fun pillowcases for it.  I took her to the fabric store and she wanted My Little Pony fabric. (A recent new obsession)  The giant fabric store had none. =(  I didn't want to leave empty handed, so she picked out a replacement Minnie Mouse fabric after contemplating Sesame Street for a while.

Second fabric store, still no My Little Pony!  I've resigned to only Minnie Mouse for now and shopping online for the MLP, when browsing the clearance section as I always do...Alas My Little Pony fabric AND it's on sale!

So without further adieu, the muslin toddler pillow stuffed with my favorite organic stuffing that I use in my rattles and dolls.  And 2 fun pillowcases with interesting accent stitches!


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